Welcome to Rise Up, Inc.

Rise Up, Inc. is an organization that was formed with a simple goal. Ensure access to the basic human right of education to as many of the world’s children as possible. Many obstacles and road blocks stand in the way of education across the globe. We seek to remove those obstacles in the most cost efficient manner possible in order to help turn disadvantaged children into educated, productive adults. Its right, it’s decent, and it’s a change that has impact.

In 2014 we began our first project in the Eastern Region of Ghana. The village we started working in is like many in the developing world. Lessons are being taught in dilapidated buildings, under the shade of trees or wherever teachers can organize their students. By helping the community build adequate classrooms we will increase enrollment and attendance as we enable teachers to focus on teaching and students to focus on learning.

We will soon finish our first project then move forward into Ethiopia with a similar project. Please revisit our site for more information and good news stories as we continue to make strides towards helping children reach their full potential through education.